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Sync rolls

You can sync a roll when you add new my stuff content to a folder.

To sync a roll:

1. Load your roll and tap on the pencil to enter edit mode.

2. Select "Sync From Folder".

3. You'll see a summary of new content that has been added to the folder. Check the content you'd like to have synced in your roll and then select "sync". You can also select whether or not you'd like your content added to the top or bottom of your roll.

4. You can move the newly synced item(s) and or folder(s) by going to the 3-dot menu while in edit mode, and choose "move item" or "move folder".

Watch this video:

Note: you cannot sync deleted items in your roll. If you want to delete an item in your roll, go to the 3-dot menu while in edit mode and choose "delete".