Bublup Support    Saving and Organizing

Save web pages

  • Desktop
  • Mobile

Best Method: You can drag and drop web links to save them in Bublup. Using Chrome you can drag and drop from the URL bar or a standard link on a web page. Using Safari you can drag and drop links from a web page, but not from the URL bar.

Using the nanobar

1. To save a webpage, click the “+” button on the nanobar.

2. When saving, you can customize the title, description, and image of an item. Everything is represented with a picture so it’s easy to find later. Choose a recent folder to save in to, create a new folder, or browse for another folder.

Copy and paste

1. You can also copy and paste links in to Bublup folders. Click the blue ‘+’ button in the bottom right corner of your folder.

2. Click on the “link” option.

3. Now you can paste a link and click “save”.

Save from external app

1. To save a web page, tap the 'share' button on your mobile device. Select the Bublup icon to save into one of your My Stuff folders.


If Bublup is not in your share menu, follow these instructions to easily add it.


Using the Bublup Mobile Browser

1. To save a web page using the in-app browser, tap the blue '+' button on the bottom of your screen.

2. Once you press the “+” button, you can customize the title, description, and image for the web page. Select which folder you would like to save to and tap “save”.