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How to print from Bublup

  • Desktop
  • Mobile

If you are printing an image, PDF or document from desktop, we recommend downloading the item first.

To download an item, tap on the 3-dot (…) menu of an item card, and choose “download”. Click here if you need more help downloading items in Bublup on desktop.

Note – you can only print PDFs and images from mobile

1. If you want to print from mobile, make sure that your printer is set up properly and is accessible from your mobile device.

2. Long press (press and hold) on the item you want to print. A green check will appear in the top right corner. Select any other items that you want to print and then tap “share” at the top of your screen.

3. Choose “Print” in the share menu.

4. Tap to “Select Printer” to find your printer.