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Account Sponsorships

Use this feature to pay for someone else’s Bublup subscription plan, such as family members or coworkers.

Setting up and managing sponsored accounts is currently only available through Bublup’s desktop web app and is a premium feature (requires a Premium, Pro or Business plan).

Adding New Sponsors

  1. Begin by going to My Info -> “My Plan & Storage” on desktop.
  2. Check that your payment information is up to date.
      • If you purchased your subscription on desktop, you should already have a card on file with us. To check, click on “payment info” to review or update.
      • If you purchased your subscription through the mobile app stores, you will need to add a card on file. Tap on “click here” or visit this link to set it up.
  3. Next, return to “My Plan & Storage” and click on “Set up” to begin sponsoring others.
  4. Here you can search your contacts by username or email address, and select the plan you wish to purchase for them.

  5. The sponsored user will receive a notification that they have been sponsored by you. They will also see this information in their account under “My Plan & Storage”.

Managing Existing Sponsors

  1. Go to My Info -> “My Plan & Storage” on desktop.
  2. Click on “Manage accounts”  next to “Sponsored Accounts for Other Users”.

  3. Here you will see a list of all users you are currently sponsoring, their username, and their plan.
      • To change a user’s current plan, hover over the user row and click on the pencil icon.
      • To remove a user from sponsorship (and cancel their sponsored plan), click on the X icon.
      • To add new users, click on “add account”.

View Billing Information

To view your monthly billing information, go to My Info ->”My Plan & Storage” and click on “payment info”, or visit this link.

Here you can view your next payment, payment history, and account credit. Click on “View Payment History” to see a full list of your recent payments, with an option to view and download the invoices.

Note: If your subscription was purchased through the app stores, you will still receive a bill from them for your personal subscription, which is separate from your sponsorships billing.

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