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Send stuff via email

  • Desktop
  • Mobile

1. Click on the 3-dot (…) menu in the upper right hand corner of a folder or an item. Click on the “email” option in the menu.

Pro tip: You can select multiple items by clicking in an open area in your folder, then dragging the box over the items you wish to send.

2.Enter the recipient’s email address, add a subject line & message, and click “send”.

1. Tap the 3-dot (…) menu in the top right corner of the item you want to send.

Pro tip: You can select multiple items using “long press” on your mobile device. Simply tap and hold your finger on an item or folder you would like to email. Holding your finger down will trigger the multi-select mode, allowing you to select multiple items and folders. You can then tap the email icon to send those items.

2. Add a recipient, a message, and a subject line, then press “send”.

Tip: You can share the contacts on your phone with the Bublup app, so that email addresses are auto-completed. The first time you use Bublup’s email feature, you’ll be prompted to share your contacts. Select “OK”.