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Private Rolls Editing

If you have changes to make to a roll that you've already shared with others, you may want to make those changes privately, and then publish it all at once when you are done.

To edit your roll in "draft mode":

Open your roll, click on the "pencil" icon in the top left corner, and select "Edit in Draft Mode".


This will create a private copy of your roll, which you can edit until you are satisfied. You will now see a new button in the top left corner: "Publish".

This "draft" copy of your roll will exist until you publish it, at which point it replaces the original roll. If your roll had an easy-link, password protection, or other roll-specific settings, those settings will remain the same in the new version of the roll.

Note: If you navigate to "rolls from this folder", you will see both the original roll and the "draft" copy if you haven't yet published your draft. The draft is the private roll you can continue to edit. The original still exists, unchanged, until you replace it by publishing the draft copy.