Getting Started With Bublup

How-to videos for major features of the app

Getting content into Bublup

Saving content into Bublup is easy! Learn about the different features we have to share content into the app.

Get started using Bublup

Saving can be fast and easy without interrupting your browsing session. You’ll need Bublup’s chrome extension to use the quicksave feature.

Saving content to Bublup is easy using the "+" button in the app on both Desktop and Mobile. You also can "drag and drop" items on Desktop.

Forward your most important emails into Bublup to save them as PDF documents. Seamlessly organize and declutter your inboxes.

Use the “share-to" feature on your Android device to share content into the Bublup app on your phone or tablet device.

Use the “share-to" feature on your iOS device to share content into the Bublup app on your iPhone or iPad.

Getting content out of Bublup

When you have a ton of awesome content in Bublup, you’ll want to share it with others.

Share to other apps from Bublup such as email, text messaging, and social media applications.

Group folders

Collaborate with others.

Send group folder invitations, react to content, change membership permissions, and more.


Create mini webpages of your curated content.

How to create rolls with a single click!

Edit rolls for aesthetics, style, and functionality.

A master class in rolls - part 1

From the community

We leverage the time and energy that the entire Bublup user community has spent doing research for thousands of topics. Learn about our powerful tools that can save time and deliver exciting and relevant results.

The latest content that is garnering the most interest on Bublup and the internet at large. Customize your favorite topics for a personalized feed.

Bublup’s Content Assistant helps you fill your folders with interesting content. Search and filter by keyword and get to saving.

Enhance your experience

Make the most of Bublup by learning about our Chrome browser extension, in-app preferences, and the various plans that give you access to more advanced features.

The Bublup extension is available on Chrome, Chromium, and Microsoft Edge. Save webpages and discover content without disrupting your browsing experience.

Create a shortcut to Bublup for your Desktop on a Mac

Create a shortcut to Bublup for your Desktop on a PC

Get even better search results.

Change your account information and set your preferences.

Many people use Bublup to share content on behalf of a business or organization. Learn how to create a custom brand and give your logo visibility when you share from Bublup.

Learn how to apply custom branding to your Bublup rolls.

For mobile

Features designed for Bublup use on mobile only.

Using Bublup on your mobile device can be just as easy as on your computer. "Long pressing" on items (i.e., pressing and holding), enables you to move and select items and folders with ease and efficiency.

Take photos and videos using Bublup's in-app camera without needing to share photos from your gallery or camera roll after the fact.

Use breadcrumbs for fast navigation in and out of subfolders