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Add Google Analytics to a roll

Track user activity and web traffic to your rolls with your own Google Analytics account! If you don’t already have a Google Analytics account, you can create a free one here.

1. Go to “My Info” by clicking on your avatar in the upper left corner of My Stuff on desktop, or the bottom right corner of the mobile app. Under "Preferences" select "Rolls".

2. Click "edit" next to "Set your Google Analytics account ID". Type or paste your Google Analytics tracking code in the box section, then select “save changes”. Need help finding your Google Analytics tracking code? Click here

3. Now go to a roll you would like to track. Go to the menu in the upper left corner of the roll, then select “Settings”.

4. Select "edit" to the right of the "Google Analytics" option.

5. Select the box that says “Track this roll with Google Analytics”. Select the option to use the Google Analytics ID you set in your preferences.

Pro Tip: You can set unique Google Analytics IDs for any of your rolls by updating the Google Analytics ID on the roll itself. Just select the option “Use this Google Analytics ID instead".