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Mood boards

Create, save, and share your digital mood board.

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Interior design

Design & organize your dream room

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Inspiration and organization in one app
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Save and share photos that wow.

Save it with visuals

No matter what you save in Bublup – links, documents, or design files – everything is visual, meaning folders and items have images and titles. Don’t like the image that is automatically generated, change it using our built-in image finder or drag and drop or upload your own photo. Find what you’re looking for faster with visuals.

apps that boost creativity
apps for creativity

All file types welcome

All types of design files and mockups can be uploaded with ease, and all files, pictures, and links can be saved side-by-side in a single folder. Depending on the Bublup plan you’re using, you can upload files of up to 50 gb at once. Moving video and . Ai files between devices has never been easier.

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Creative project planning

Bublup allows you to manage projects your way. Whether you’re collecting ideas for your next writing piece, saving a graphic design draft, building a mood board, or looking for an easy way to share photos with a client, you’ll find organization, collaboration, and sharing features bundled into a single, innovative digital space.

apps that boost creativity
apps for creativity

Sharing made simple

Whether it’s a website design or video editing, collaboration is key to success. Luckily, sharing your work on Bublup is always straightforward, particularly when you’re using Bublup’s group folders. If you’re sharing your work with someone who’s not currently a Bublup user, you can simply send a link. The recipient will be able to access the file without requiring the other person to sign up for Bublup.

Present your work with Rolls

Bublup’s Rolls feature allows you to take your favorite digital files and turn them into colorful, easy-to-navigate web pages without the hassle of downloading your work or signing up for a new app. Everything that’s within a single folder can simultaneously be converted to beautiful collections of stories, photos, and documents.

apps to improve creativity

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O.B W.
Google Play“This app is fantastic. An easy to use feature packed app where you can store all your favorite sites, recipes, projects, pictures, etc. Give it a try. You’ll be hooked.”
Connie B.
Google Play“This app is amazing! I am dieting right now and am able to save all my new recipes in my own folder!!!! Love this app so much!!!!”
Brandy R.

Google Play“I absolutely love this app. I use it almost daily to keep track of recipes, helpful tips on the web, shopping wish lists, etc…”

Sarah Z.
Google Play“By far, the best organizing app I’ve used. It’s intuitive and visually appealing. The large tiles make it easy to find what I’m looking for and organize in a way that makes sense for me. Highly recommend. This app is perfect.”
Kristina M.

Google Play“Organization is amazing with this app! Love it!”

David A.
Google Play“One storage to rule them all 🤗 a highly versatile, multi inter-platform so for ios windows chrome & android.”
M Hall
Google Play“So much effort added to this beautiful easy to use interface. I have spent days looking for the right app to keep my notes organized and this is it. It looks and works great on my samsung fold 3.”
Loren Doherty

Google Play“There’s no other program that walks you through exactly what you need to know to start an online store fast, written by someone who has built several 7-figure ecommerce businesses from scratch. “

Sacha Crouch

Google Play“What’s more, everything has been broken down in step-by-step detail with real action plans including finding your niche.”

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