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Recovering lost items

There are a few, common reasons an item may seem to have gone missing.

1. Maybe it was moved or deleted. The good news is, when you delete something in Bublup, it is kept in your trash folder to prevent accidental loss. The only way to permanently delete something is by emptying your trash.

Either way, it can found by using the search feature.

Type the name of the file or folder you’re searching for into the search field. If it appears in a search, click on the folder icon to the right of the search result to be taken to the item’s location.

Even if it is the Trash, you can move it back to where you want it by clicking on the 3-dot (…) menu and selecting “Move To”.

2. Maybe you are logged into a different account.

If you think you might have more than one Bublup account, go to “My Info” to check which email you are logged in with.

Try logging out and then log in with your other account.