Organized. Visual. Private.

Bublup is the all-in-one organization and collaboration app that simplifies your life.

Say goodbye to endless tabs, cluttered desktops, scattered notes, and boring folders.

Easily organize everything in one place and share in private groups.


As seen in:


As Seen in:

Consolidate your stuff

Your stuff (docs, photos, videos, photos, bookmarks, etc.) was meant to stay together. Ditch the apps for just your notes or photos and keep any type of link and file in a Bublup folder.

Stay connected

Access your folders on the go or at home and never miss a chance to jot down your latest idea or react to your teammate’s latest comments. Folders sync across all your devices, so whatever you need is at your fingertips.
Feel More Secure

Feel more secure

Stop worrying about where you saved that link for later. Organize everything in encrypted folders that give you peace of mind.

Feel More Secure

Be yourself

Boring blue folders are…boring. Our visual folders are customizable to look just how you like. Not only do they feel like yours, but they make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Be yourself

I’m using Bublup for…



For freelancers, small businesses, and productivity hackers – Bublup’s powerful features are ideal for professionals of all kinds who need a simple solution to keep work organized.



For your daily life, future plans, and everything in between – Bublup is a home to save anything you’d like to store safely.

The buzz about Bublup

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world love using Bublup.

O.B W.
Google Play“This app is fantastic. An easy to use feature packed app where you can store all your favorite sites, recipes, projects, pictures, etc. Give it a try. You’ll be hooked.”

App Store“I absolutely love this app way more then Dropbox or any other one! It’s cute and organized and easier to use! Plus I love how I can add people to certain folders and we can all keep adding to it. Definitely recommend trying this one!!!”

Chad K.

Google Play“I’ve never seen anywhere else in the app world something that is as comprehensive and integrated as this app man. It’s like a visual daily trackers mixed with bookmarks mixed with Pinterest mixed with Evernote mixed with your favoirte web browser.”

Erica R.

Google Play“This has to be one of my favorite apps of all time, and its definitely the one I use the most often. It’s better than all the read-it-later and bookmarking apps, has a gorgeous UI, and with the new AI creator, it makes it easy to get as much information as you could want on any given subject, and keep organized with hierarchical folders, tags, notes, and so much more. You can even forward relevant emails directly to bublup, and they’ll appear in the exact folder you specify.”

Alicia C.

Google Play“I love this app! For someone who likes to organize and cutomize – this is absolute heaven. A reviewer compared it to “just another Pinterest,” – but I disagree. This does not have the messiness of an ad-filled feed. Yeah, I don’t like mess. I love this neat and tidy way to sort through all my stuff.”

David A.

Google Play“One storage to rule them all 🤗 A highly versatile, multi inter-platform so for iOS windows chrome & Android.”

M Hall

Google Play“So much effort added to this beautiful easy to use interface. I have spent days looking for the right app to keep my notes organized and this is it. It looks and works great on my Samsung fold 3.”

Loren Doherty
Google Play“There’s no other program that walks you through exactly what you need to know to start an online store fast, written by someone who has built several 7-figure ecommerce businesses from scratch. “
Michelle S.

Google Play“By far the most mind blowing, productive, user friendly, organized, fun, extremely useful tool for personal & business. So far, this has replaced 3 other apps! Research info, docs, any client’s need, social media, journal. Send URL & 1 click BAM! Professional layout, links 2 ur web pages, photos *ALL-N-1 beautiful scroll…”

Bublup plans

Try for Free


  • Create up to 5 folders
  • Save 5 items per folder
  • Join Group Folders (view-only)
  • Unlimited items, folders & subfolders
  • Join Group Folders
  • Upload files up to 100 MB
  • 2 GB of Saved Content
  • Unlimited items, folders & subfolders
  • Create & Join Group Folders
  • Offline Mode – 20 folders
  • Bublup AI 
  • Unlimited Rolls
  • Save Emails to Bublup
  • Upload files as large as 5 GB
  • 100 GB of Saved Content
  • Sponsor plans for others
  • Everything in Premium
  • Offline Mode – 100 folders
  • Bublup AI – increased number of credits
  • Upload files as large as 10 GB (desktop)
  • 1 TB of Saved Content
  • Sponsor plans for others
  • Everything in Pro
  • Create Organizations & Teams
  • 3 initial members
  • Supports unlimited members
  • Centralized Billing 
  • Offline Mode – 100 folders
  • Bublup AI – increased number of credits
  • Upload files as large as 50 GB (desktop)
  • 5 TB of Saved Content
  • Sponsor plans for others

No matter what your life holds, Bublup makes storage simple and easily accessible. So why wait? Bublup will jumpstart your organization one visual folder at a time.

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