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We hope you’re enjoying Bublup on Google Chrome. Get our extension to access your folders faster, save anything on the web, and discover suggested content as you browse.

Simplify with one app instead of many.

Save hours of time per week.

Super visual and easy to learn.

Use individually, with friends, or with a team.


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Links, documents, notes, videos, photos, GIFs, music, and more all auto-magically save with customizable pictures, titles, and descriptions for at-a-glance navigation. With unlimited folders (and subfolders), your organization opportunities are infinite, and it always looks good no matter what you are collecting.


What’s Out There

Bublup isn’t just for the stuff you already have. It’s also a place to help you discover fascinating content from around the web, no matter what you’ve saved or are working on. Use our suggestion engine within your folders and the “Bubbling Up For You” feed. It’s sure to have content that’s interesting to you.

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Share Content


Invite friends to your folders and control who can view and edit the content for an easy, collaborative experience.

In a single click, turn any folders into beautiful stories and collections called “rolls”. They can be shared as a single link with anyone.


To Fit Your Needs

Bublup has a variety of plans with extra features and expanded storage capacity. Sign up for an annual plan to get 20% off your subscription.

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Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world love using Bublup.

Use Bublup on a desktop browser too! Available on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

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