The Cloud Reimagined

  • Keep all types of content together, visually organized the way you want.
  • Share in new and exciting ways.
  • Find fascinating, relevant content that bubbles up.

Say Goodbye to Boring Blue Folders.

Powerful Sharing, Made Easy.

Invite friends to your folders any time to collaborate. Great for staying connected to the same visually organized information.

Or transform your folders into beautiful stories and collections called “rolls”. It literally takes a few seconds. Share them as a single link with anyone, even if they don’t have Bublup.

Discover Something Fascinating.

Find relevant information that "bubbles up” every day alongside the links you save in your folders and the topics you search for online.

Our sophisticated suggestion engine works behind the scenes to crowdsource content from across the internet.

Using Bublup is easy.

Check out the ways our community is using Bublup today!