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Bublup image viewer

  • Desktop
  • Mobile

1. Go to any folder that contains images. Double click on any image in the folder. The image will be shown in the image viewer.

2. Use the buttons in the image viewer to play a slideshow, zoom in and out, scroll, share, or download images. The buttons include:

3-dot menu: Use the menu in the bottom left corner for sharing and other options.

Zoom in/out: The magnifying glasses in the bottom left can be used to zoom in + or zoom out -.

Arrows: The arrows are used to navigate between images that are present in the current folder.

Slideshow: Begin a slideshow that includes all the images in the folder.

Slideshow settings (gear icon): Adjust slideshow settings such as transition effects and speed.

React (heart icon): Add a rection to the photo.

1. Go to any folder that contains images. Tap on an image to see it in the image viewer. Swipe left or right to scroll through images in the folder.

3. Use the 3-dot (..) menu in the bottom left corner to see image viewer options. Tap the heart icon to react to the photo.