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Using shareable links for individual items

A simple way to share your content is to use the "Copy Shareable Link" option. This creates a link for your item, which may be especially useful for larger documents, photos, or videos. This link can be shared with both Bublup users and non-Bublup users alike.

1. To share an item, click its 3-dot (…) menu in the top right corner of the item.

2. Select "Copy Shareable Link". Another option is to select “Share” and then select “Copy shareable Link”.

Your recipients will see the item in a page, like this:

Pro Tip: Update the image, title, and description of the item before sharing the link for desired visual presentation. The recipient of the link will see a visual landing page with the image, title, and description that you selected.

If you need to send multiple items with a single link, consider using a roll.