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Save emails to a folder

The Email to Bublup feature lets you quickly and easily save important emails and their attachments to Bublup, right from your inbox.

1. Go to "My Info" by clicking on your avatar in the upper left hand corner.

2. Look for the "username" option toward the bottom of the page, and create a username, if you don’t already have one.

3. Go to the "Email to Bublup" settings in the "Preferences" menu.

4. Enter one or more email addresses that you're allowing to send emails into your Bublup account.

5. Now, from your regular email, forward any message you’d like to [username]@mybublup.com. Example: cher@mybublup.com.

6. Go to your Bublup "Home" screen, and look for the "Emails" folder. Open the folder, and you’ll see the forwarded message is now saved in your Bublup account as a PDF.

Pro Tip: You can easily move forwarded emails from the "Emails" folder to other folders, so you can keep things organized the way you want. Emails with attachments will be created as a sub-folder within the "Emails" folder, and includes all attachments as well as a PDF version of the email message.