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What’s in the works

We are continuously building new features and enhancements! Here are some things in the works for our upcoming release:

  • Advanced Member Management - You'll be able to have different members with different membership permissions within the same folder hierarchy.
  • Preference for a less colorful interface - For those of you who prefer a simple interface, you can go to "Look and Feel" in Preferences, and select "less colorful" to make your visual experience more neutral!
  • Introducing "Content Assistant" - Use the Content Assistant to quickly add content to your folders. Use suggested keywords or enter your own to customize your search.
  • Turn off Content Assistant -- formerly “Suggestions” (Premium feature)
  • More simultaneous downloads (Premium feature) - Have up to 50 simultaneous downloads on desktop instead of 20.
  • Bubbling Up - You can now hide specific items types in your feed, and save suggestions and trending items with one click. We'll now populate the newest content from the top of your feed.
  • And more...stay tuned!