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What’s in the works

We are continuously building new features and enhancements. Here are some of the things that are in the works for our upcoming releases!

  • Checklists - create checklists of your most pressing to-dos. You can color code certain tasks and have your own task-management system in Bublup.
  • Sync my stuff folders to rolls - if you're familiar with syncing your rolls to changes you make your folders, you might be thrilled to learn you can now sync in the reverse direction! Changes you make in your rolls can be reflected in folders by using the "sync my stuff to rolls" feature.
  • Private roll editing - Imagine that you've already shared a roll to your 500 followers that serves as a blog for your business. You might add to this roll every week, but you don't want your viewers to see changes as you make them. This feature allows you to work incognito and only publish changes to your roll once you're ready for your viewers to see them.
  • And more...!