Create private online communities to discuss topics of interest!

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Forums are a convenient way to set up private, customizable spaces dedicated to conversations. Post questions, answers and responses for topics of interest. With Bublup, save any content related to your topic right where the discussion is taking place!

Your community's hub for content and conversations

  • Participate in discussions about specific topics or interests in private communities.
  • Curate specific audiences.
  • Use our online discussion boards to find answers on topics of interest to you.

Comment, react, and share resources

Encourage user engagement using features such commenting, reacting, and adding attachments.

Easy member moderation and control

Invite others to join and manage existing forum members easily with Bublup.


Learning Center

Read our resources below to find out what Forums can do for you:


Creating forums and topics


Manage forum folder members


Add attachments to comments


What plan do I need in order to create Forums?

This feature is available as an add-on for Premium, Pro, or Business plans.

How many different forums can I create?

There are two add-on plan options:

  • Create up to 10 Forums for $49/mo.
  • Create unlimited Forums for $300/mo.
How many members can each forum hold?

The maximum Forum member size depends on the owner’s subscription plan:

  • Premium: 200 members
  • Pro: 500 members
  • Business: unlimited members 
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