Recent Updates to Bublup

We’ll continue to release exciting new features that significantly enhance your ability to organize, discover, and collaborate. We’ve highlighted updates from our recent releases below.

September 2021 (5.1.0):

  • More referral rewards: We have raised the maximum bonus storage you can gain for referring Bublup to friends from 12 GB to 20 GB. In fact, if you have referred more than 12 friends in the past, we are adding the extra bonus for you retroactively!

August 2021 (5.0.0):

  • Pay for your plan annually: Save 20% on your subscription by choosing the new annual payment option.
  • Copy and paste images to notes: You can now add images to notes by copying an image from somewhere else and pasting it directly into the note. (Desktop only.)
  • Edit titles in the image viewer: Now, you can edit an image title while in the image viewer. Double-click the image to enter the image viewer, then highlight or click the title to start editing. (Desktop only.)
  • Icon shortcuts for the mobile app: Mobile users can long-press the Bublup icon to access feature shortcuts, like search in My Stuff or open the app directly in your favorite folder.
  • Open links in their native apps: Choose where you want to open links: outside of Bublup (in the native app that corresponds to the link) or within Bublup’s browser. Supported apps include Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Zillow, and more. (Mobile only.)
  • Support for HEIC images: Bublup now supports the HEIC image format from iPhones and Android devices.
  • New quick link for folders: Now it’s easier to share the link to a Group Folder with other folder members. Go to “Folder Info” in the menu to copy the shareable link and send it to any member.
  • New multi-column view in Bubbling Up: Bubbling Up For You now has a multi-column layout that allows you to see more content at once.
  • Update Example Folders: Get the latest example content from Bublup by going to “Help” -> “Update Example Folders.” This will update your account if there is new material to share while leaving old example content untouched. You can delete example content at any time.
  • Customize Group Folder email notifications: Premium users have more choices for notification frequency with new 15-minute and 1-hour options.
  • Clear tasks in checklists: Quickly clear all the checkmarks next to your tasks in a checklist by selecting “Clear All Tasks” from the menu.

May 2021 (4.0.0):

  • Content Assistant – Use the Content Assistant to quickly add content to your folders. Use suggested keywords or enter your own to customize your search. For even more focused results, you can adjust the importance given to individual keywords.
  • Turn off “Content Assistant” and “Suggestions” – Premium users can now opt to turn off suggestions in their folders by turning off the Content Assistant.
  • Advanced Member Management – Now you can choose which members of your Group Folders will have access to subfolders, making your folders more flexible than ever.
  • Review Later – If you see an article you want to read but can’t at the given moment, you can now quickly save it to the new Review Later folder with a tap.
  • More simultaneous downloads (Premium feature) – We have raised the number of simultaneous downloads allowed on desktop from 20 to 50 for premium users.
  • Bubbling Up – You can hide specific item types in your feed, and save suggestions and trending items with one click.
  • Want a less colorful interface? You asked and we listened! You can now go to “Look and Feel” in Preferences, and select “less colorful” to make your visual experience more neutral.
  • New color palettes for rolls! We’ve expanded the color palettes for rolls. Here’s the list:
  • Headline – Crimson, Indigo, Olive
    Showcase – Mint, Purple, Orange, Aqua, Dark
    Blade – Blue, Grey, Light
    Darkroom – Raven, Slate, Ebony
    Lumi – Mandarin, Sky, Violet, Lime
    Seabreeze – Dusk, Dawn
    Cosmo – Dark
    Sport – Purple and Gold, Yellow and Green, Black and Gold, Orange and Blue

Read the blog post here for more details.

December 2020 (3.0.0):

  • Checklistscreate checklists of your most pressing to-dos. You can color code certain tasks and have your own task-management system in Bublup.
  • Sync my stuff folders to rolls – you can now sync your my stuff folders to your rolls directly from my stuff. Edits you’ve made to the titles and descriptions of items, as well as content you’ve added or removed will reflect in your roll(s).
  • Private roll editing – Imagine that you’ve already shared a roll to your 500 followers that serves as a blog for your business. You might add to this roll every week, but you don’t want your viewers to see changes as you make them. This feature allows you to work incognito and only publish changes to your roll once you’re ready for your viewers to see them.
  • Install our add-on from the the Chrome Web Store for Edge, Chrome, and Chromium users.
  • You can now create shortcuts of private or group folders, and save them in any folder.
  • We’ve added an “@” button in the comments field for group folders when on a desktop browser.

Read the blog post here for more details.

August 2020 (2.0.0):

  • Navigate faster. Now you can access your special folders (like the new Recent & Favs folder) from anywhere in the app, while Premium users can search by username and keywords within saved documents.
  • Collaborate with ease. Enhanced notifications, more expressive reactions, and username @ tags in comments will improve your communication.
  • Impress your audience. New branding features, two new roll themes, and faster roll editing combine to leave your audience asking for more.
  • Discover more. Formerly called Trending, “Bubbling Up for You” is a new feed that includes trending content, suggestions from your folders, and group folder content in one central place.

Read the blog post here for more details.

February 2020 (1.4.0):

  • The ability to add rich text formatting in notes.
  • Import Bookmarks to Bublup from Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.
  • Export Account allows you to have a backup of your Bublup content.
  • Enhanced notifications for comments and group folder activity.
  • The addition of an “emoji keyboard button” for notes, comments and items on desktop.
  • New sort options.
  • The addition of new rolls themes and the ability to select among different color palettes for select themes.
  • A new “compact” layout for rolls sections.
  • The ability to add social media widgets to rolls and see total roll views as a roll author.
  • Option to sign out from all of your browsers and devices for added security.
  • Updated user interface on mobile for easier navigation in the app.

Read the blog post here for more details.