Frequently asked questions

Getting started

Can I access Bublup on my desktop or laptop device?

Yes. Click here to be taken to our login page on your desktop machine. Bublup is currently supported on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. We also have an extension for Chrome, Chromium, and Edge which provides additional features for discovering new content and saving webpages. Download our extension from the Chrome Web Store or the Edge Add-ons page.

Where can I get the Bublup nanobar?

You can get Bublup’s nanobar by downloading our extension from the Chrome Web Store or the Edge Add-ons page.

When installing the Bublup extension on Chrome, Chromium, or Edge, what does it mean that “Bublup can read and change all your data on the websites you visit”?

The warning you get when downloading our extension is a general warning that the browser displays for extensions. We only read data from the webpage you're saving in order to support saving with a title, image and description. Furthermore, when you are saving public webpages, (never your private or password protected pages), we read data from the page to show you suggestions of other public web pages saved by the community.

Our extension DOES NOT record anything you do. Read more about our privacy policy which has detailed information about how your data is managed.

I want to sync my roll – which sync option should I use?

You might create a roll of a folder that you eventually update or change. You can sync those changes in two ways: from your My Stuff folder, or from your roll.

If you have added a few things to the source folder for a roll, you can update from inside the roll, using the sync feature. This is a convenient way to update your roll while working on it. Only new items and folders will sync with this option. (Text edits and item and folder deletions will not sync.)

If you have made any text changes, or deleted items or folders, the best option is to use the "sync folder to roll" to push the updates into your roll from your My Stuff folder.

What are Example Folders and how do I delete them?

When you sign up for a Bublup account, we include some pre-populated Example Folders on various topics. Example folders serve to inspire, and give you ideas to begin creating your own folders. If you want to delete the example folders on desktop, simply navigate to "Home", click on the 3-dot (…) menu of "Example Folders", and then click "Trash". On mobile, long-press on "Example Folders" until you see the green checkmark and then tap on the "Trash" icon in the top right corner.

Please note that you must empty Trash to free-up storage in Bublup.


Frequently asked questions

Your Account

Why is Bublup a paid-only app?

Bublup is an ad-free platform and takes pride in user privacy and not exploiting personal data. Providing an excellent product requires resources, and having paying customers allows us to be economically viable. Click here to read a statement from our CEO.

What do you get with the different Bublup plans?

For a small monthly fee you can upgrade your account to "Premium", "Pro", or "Teams", which offer significantly more storage space and unlocks additional features.

Check out a breakdown of our different plan options here.

Is there a commitment when you sign up for an advanced plan?

There is no commitment when upgrading to an advanced plan and you can cancel anytime.

For monthly plans, a billing cycle is one month. For annual plans, the billing cycle is one year. If you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, your upgrade will terminate at the end of your current billing cycle.

How do I update my credit card information on my device?

1. Go to "My Info" -> "My Plan & Storage" in a desktop browser and select “payment info".
2. Enter your credit card info on the next page.

Why didn't I receive a verification email?

If you didn't receive a verification email to complete your account setup, check your spam folder. The email's subject line is "Verify your email address" from support@bublup.com.

If you have a corporate email account that is unable to receive emails, this can also interfere with receiving a verification email from Bublup. In this case, we advise signing up with a different email address.

I’m trying to use the Email to Bublup feature, but it says I need to authorize my email account. How do I do that?

To save emails into Bublup, you’ll first have to authorize the email address from which you are forwarding emails into Bublup. This prevents anyone who might happen to have your username from saving emails into your account without your permission.

1. Go to “My Info” by clicking or tapping on your avatar. In preferences, select "Save Emails to Bublup". Enter and save the emails you want to authorize for forwarding mail to Bublup.
2. Once the email is authorized, you can forward mail from it to yourusername@mybublup.com (E.g., johnbgood@mybublup.com.) The forwarded emails will be saved in the "Emails" folder in Bublup.

Click here for more detailed instructions on our "Save Emails to Bublup" feature.

How do I see previous invite and email recipients?

Go to My Info -> Account Information -> Previous contacts to see all contacts you have emailed or invited into Bublup. You can also delete contacts you no longer need.

What if I change phones?

Bublup is a cloud-based service, which means you can access your content from any device! If you get a new phone, just install the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. Your account will be waiting for you when you login using the same credentials as before.

Why was my account suspended?

Certain content is prohibited on Bublup. If we detect something that’s illegal, hateful, or harmful to others, we may remove the content and reserve the right to suspend the account associated with the infraction. See our Terms of Service to review Bublup’s "Acceptable Content Policy".

How can I delete my Bublup Account?

If you're on desktop, first click on "My Info" in the upper-left corner of "Home". Then go to "My Plan & Storage" and click "delete account".

If you're on mobile, tap on the () Menu in the bottom nav bar. Then go to "My Info & Settings" > "Account" > "My Plan & Storage" and tap "Delete Account".

For step-by-step instructions, click here.

How can I unsubscribe from Bublup’s mailing list?

You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at anytime by clicking or tapping on the blue "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email you received from Bublup.

To edit the number or frequency of account notification emails you receive, go to My Info -> Preferences -> Notifications/Security and adjust the settings there.

What kind of content is permissible in Bublup?

Please read the Acceptable Content Policy in our Terms of Service to understand the types of content we allow in Bublup.


Frequently asked questions

Using Bublup

How do I view web pages in the in-app viewer? (iOS Only)

You can access the in-app viewer by tapping on saved links in Bublup, or links in Discover More and My Feed. If there’s a site that you go to frequently, (e.g., apple.com, google.com, wikipedia.com), save it in one of your folders by tapping on the "+" button and choose "link". When you tap on that item, you'll be taken to the webpage in our internal viewer on iOS devices.

Note that the in-app browser was removed on iOS because of App Store regulations which limit the demographic groups which can use the app if we were to have such a browser.

Click here for more detailed instructions on using our in-app viewer.

How do I open links in their native App?

When you open certain links in Bublup's mobile app, you will be given the choice to open them using the in-app browser, or with the native app which corresponds to that link. Supported apps include Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Zillow, and more. (Mobile only.)

How can I print from Bublup?

If you’re trying to print an image, PDF, or document from desktop, we recommend downloading the item first and then printing from your desktop machine as usual. If you're trying to print from your mobile device, note that you can only print PDFs and images. Visit our support page here for visual instructions on printing from Bublup.

How do I share my saved items?

To share items you have saved, here are some options:

1. Create a Group Folder. If you invite someone into one of your folders, you can set their permissions, and they will have direct access to any files you put into that folder. Additionally, they can add comments to items or the folder, allowing for easy collaboration.

2. Create a shareable link to your materials.This will create a web-based landing page for your file, which other people can get to.

3. Another way to share is by creating a roll; especially if you are sharing multiple items at once. A roll is a web page made from a Bublup folder in just a few clicks. No matter the type of content in your folder, Bublup lays it out in an easy-to-share format.

4. Email your files from within Bublup. Note: Emails with 20 or more items will be converted into a Bublup Roll automatically.

5. On Mobile, select the "Share" option on any saved item to text or email it straight from your phone.

Why can't I edit YouTube links?

Per policies that YouTube has in place, it is not possible to edit the titles or descriptions of YouTube links.

When you save a web page from YouTube, you can add a comment as a means of including more detail about a certain link. Just click or tap on the comments bubble at the bottom center of your item to add a comment.

If you've created a roll that contains a YouTube link, there are a few workarounds to add context to a video without directly editing the title or description of the item.

1. Use notes to explain your videos: Add a note to the source folder that contains the information you would have liked to have had in the video's description. (You can sync your roll to the folder to add the note into a roll you already made.) While in edit mode, you can re-order your items such that the note and YouTube link appear side by side in a two-column roll, e.g., Express, Globe, Headline. It might also help to change the layout of both the note and the YouTube link to "single" so that you can clearly see the note and YouTube link side-by-side in your roll.

2. Create a subfolder with your YouTube link(s): In your source folder, create a subfolder that contains the YouTube link(s) that you want in your roll. Since subfolders appear as sections within a roll, you can edit the title or description of the subfolder before you've made your roll and it will appear as the title or description of the section in your roll. (You can also edit section headings and descriptions after rolls have been created.) For the individual YouTube link(s) in your roll, you can hide the descriptions by clicking or tapping on the 3-dot (…) menu of that item and choosing "hide description".

3. Change the section layout to "compact": In the second example above, you can also change the section layout to visually connect the description and the videos. By changing the section layout to "compact", the section description will more clearly appear as though it applies to the videos beneath it.

Where do our suggestions come from?

Bublup’s technology gathers information from many sources on the Internet based on what is trending across numerous topics. Bublup also leverages what is newly published in large content databases that we have access to. Like many apps and search engines, Bublup also takes into account what is popular on our own platform. This means that if enough users ask Bublup to save the same webpage, Bublup may consider the page to be trending, and it may become eligible to be displayed as a suggestion.

Bublup only shows public webpages that the Internet at large can access — never any private web pages. No user-related information is ever displayed with suggestions, and no one knows what you have saved unless you share that information with them.


Frequently asked questions

Saving and Deleting

Can I import content from other cloud services, e.g., Google Drive, DropBox, iCloud into Bublup?
You can save up to 1000 files at a time into Bublup from your desktop. Simply download your content from your other cloud storage and then you can save it into Bublup.
Can I import bookmarks from my browser into Bublup?
Yes. You can import bookmarks from Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox into the Bublup app which will streamline the process of saving your favorite links. Click here to view detailed instructions on importing bookmarks into Bublup.
How do I upload many files at once?
You can upload 1000 files at a time. You can also upload an entire folder and all of its contents at once. Click here to login on desktop, which allows easy uploading by drag and drop.
How can I download my Bublup content?
You can download any item you save in Bublup. On desktop, just click the 3-dot (…) menu on an item, and select "download". You can also multi-select to download more than one at a time. On mobile, open the image viewer by tapping on the image or video you want to save, then tap on the 3-dot (…) menu in the bottom left corner and select “Save to Camera Roll” on iOS, or “Download” on Android. Click here for more detailed instructions on downloading content from Bublup to your device.

If you are trying to backup all of your content, we have an export feature that will allow you to download a full copy of all your files that are stored in Bublup. Click here for instructions on how to use our export feature.

I just deleted something by accident, where can I find it?
You can retrieve anything you delete by going to Trash. Your content is not permanently deleted until you empty your Trash.

To find Trash, click on the trashcan icon in the bottom left corner of Bublup on desktop, or tap on the 3-dot (…) menu in the bottom right corner on mobile and choose "Trash".

You can move items out of Trash on desktop by clicking or tapping on the 3-dot (…) menu of the item or folder and selecting a folder to move it back to. On mobile, long press on an item or folder to enter "multi-select mode". Select the items you want to move out of trash and tap "move" in the upper right corner.

Note that if you delete a roll, it will be permanently deleted, and will not appear in Trash. If you accidentally do this, you can recreate the roll using the content that is in the folder where the roll was created.

I just deleted a bunch of content in my account to free up storage space, but my account is still full, why?
Your content is not permanently deleted until you empty your trash.

To find Trash, click on the trashcan icon in the bottom left corner of Bublup on desktop, or tap on the 3-dot (…) menu in the bottom right corner on mobile and choose "Trash".

On desktop, you can permanently remove items from Trash by selecting them and choosing "delete selected", or you can select "empty trash" to delete everything in Trash. On mobile, long press to select individual items and then tap "delete", or choose "Empty all Trash" from the 3-dot (…) menu.

Does Bublup compress images?
We store all the original images that you upload to Bublup. You can always download exactly what you uploaded. However, we also generate compressed versions to use in certain situations, because they load faster. Some examples: when you are looking at previews, thumbnails, or when connected to a slower network.

Note that you can change your image viewing resolution in Image Viewer by clicking or tapping on the rectangular icon at the bottom and choosing your desired picture quality: "Best", "Better", or "Medium" for faster loading. Only Premium users can view images in Image Viewer at their "Best" quality due to data transmission costs.

How much storage do my files need?
When you upload a video, we create an optimized version for streaming at the cost of some additional storage. We still preserve your original version, which you can download at any time, but having multiple versions allows for faster video-playback in landing pages, rolls, and on "my stuff" cards.

For photos, we also save versions for thumbnails and optimized image viewing, as well as the original resolution image.

Does Bublup support FTP alternative file transfer?
No, Bublup does not support File Transfer Protocol. You need to manually upload files from one of your devices, and you can upload up to 300 files at a time. For detailed instructions on uploading, see our support page.


Frequently asked questions

Privacy and Security

Is my content in Bublup private?

Yes. Your content in Bublup is private by default. Bublup users cannot see any of your saved content unless:

1. You save content into a group folder. Group folder content is only viewable by members of that folder.
2. You create a roll of your folder content and don’t use password protection. A non-password protected roll is visible to anyone who has the link to your roll. Note that roll password-protection is a premium feature.
3. You create a shareable link for an item in Bublup (and then share the link with others.)

How is my data protected?

We take a number of important technological measures to ensure your data is safeguarded.

a) We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store your data. AWS has extremely high reliability and is far-and-away the cloud computing industry leader, which you can read more about here.

b) Bublup stores every piece of data you save multiple times across several different servers in AWS, and those servers are spread across multiple physical locations in the USA. Even if an entire building containing a data center became inaccessible, your data would still be available from other locations.

c) We back up all of your data on a regular schedule.

Does Bublup use data encryption?

Bublup encrypts your data both in transit and at rest on our servers. Our servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services. When you store content in Bublup, your data is encrypted in two ways. First, data is transferred in between Bublup’s servers and your device (in both directions) using the HTTPS protocol, which is the standard for secure communication on the Web. HTTPS uses Transport Layer Security (TLS). Second, while your data is stored on Bublup’s servers, it is encrypted using AES-256 encryption within the Amazon Web Services platform. AES-256 is one of the strongest block cyphers available.

Why did I receive a notification that someone in a nearby location was logging into my Bublup account?

When an account login takes place, we provide you with information about the date, IP address of the device, and the location from which the login happened. Note that this only happens if the setting (in My Info) called "Email when login detected" is set to ON.

The geo-location provided is not always perfectly accurate, therefore a security email you receive might specify that your login occurred in a town or state nearby. The most important thing to pay attention to is whether the login occurred at a time that you recognize to determine if it was you who logged in. You should receive the login emails very shortly after logging in.

Account Security Notifications

Enabling this feature will allow Bublup to email you whenever your account gets logged into. We provide information about which account was logged into, the date, and IP address of the computer or device and the approximate location from which the login happened.

Please note that the geo-location we use for your login is approximate, therefore a security email you receive might specify that your login occurred in a nearby town or state.

If you believe someone has accessed your account without your permission, change your password.

You could take the additional step of changing the password of the method you used to login. (For instance: Facebook, Apple or Google.)

How to turn off Account Security email notifications

This feature is turned on by default. If you wish to turn off this notification, you can do so by going to My Info → Security and toggle OFF the option “Email When Login Detected”.


Frequently asked questions

Troubleshooting the app

Why did my images or videos fail to upload on my mobile device?

The preference for uploads via cellular data is turned ‘off’ by default. This means that if you don’t have a WiFi connection, or if you lose your connection, we’ll defer or pause any uploads you may have initiated until you reconnect to WiFi. You can turn cellular uploads ‘on’ by going to My Info by tapping on your avatar, then choose ‘Preferences’, and select ‘Uploads’. Turn on “allow uploads while on cellular”.

You might also experience failed uploads if the image or video file exceeds the upload limit permitted by your Bublup plan. Standard and Standard Plus plans offer a 3GB upload limit for items, whereas the Premium, Pro and Teams plans offer a 50GB upload limit. When uploading files to Bublup on mobile, even with a Premium plan, the upload limit is 5GB.

Finally, it might be possible that your account is out of storage and doesn’t have the space to upload the item(s) in question. If that’s the case, you can upgrade your account, or delete items in My Stuff and empty Trash to free up space.

Why can't I authenticate my sign-up/login with Facebook or Google?

Certain Ad-blockers will prevent FB/Google authentication. You just need to mark "mystuff.bublupdev.com" as safe.

Why isn't Bublup in my iPhone's share menu?

Unfortunately, the 'share-to' menu is not something we have direct control over. This is primarily controlled by the operating system of your device. That being said, sometimes all it takes is force-quitting all apps and restarting your device to restore Bublup to the share menu.

If this doesn't work, we will troubleshoot with you if you email us at support@bublup.com.

Why are my images being blocked?

Your local firewall, or any other security device (such as a WiFi router), may need to be configured to allow access to Bublup-specific domains. Try adding *.bublup.com, and *.bublupcdn.com to your “allowed” list.

Why am I not receiving emails from Bublup on Outlook?

Emails from Bublup might be arriving in the "Other" tab (the tab next to "Focused" in your Outlook Client), or in "Junk Email". Please check those two places if you don't see emails from Bublup in your regular inbox.

If your email is in "Junk Email" or "Other":

(1) Please select "It's not junk".
(2) Mark Bublup as a safe sender by clicking on the "3 dots" in the upper right corner of the email and choosing "Add to Safe senders" in the menu.

If you're still not able to locate emails from Bublup, please email support@bublup.com.

Why can’t I open downloaded PDFs from Bublup?

Adobe Document Cloud users may see a security warning when opening PDFs downloaded from Bublup.

To immediately view your PDF document use the native "Preview" viewer or the free Adobe Viewer on macOS. On Windows, you can use the free Adobe viewer to view your PDFs.

To permanently allow Adobe Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader DC to open PDFs downloaded from Bublup, follow the instructions here, and add the "mystuff.bublupdev.com" URL to your list of trusted websites.

What versions of iOS and Android are supported by Bublup?

Android versions: 8.0 or later

iOS versions: 14.0 or later

I can’t use Bublup in my country, why is that?

Bublup isn’t available in all countries. Additionally, in some countries, authorities may choose to block or slow down access to traffic going to certain countries and platforms. This is beyond our control. Below is a list of countries where Bublup currently isn’t available.

As of November 2019:
Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela

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