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The Proof is in the Planning: How to Organize the Perfect Group Vacation

July 20, 2022 /
The Bublup Team
How to Organize the Perfect Group Vacation
If you don’t love planning group vacations, we understand. Getting everyone on the same page can be tricky, to say the least. You have to juggle different schedules, budgets, energy levels, interests, dietary restrictions, and so on. But it’s best to focus on the things we can control, right? With Bublup, you can create a collaborative and visual space for organizing and saving all of your trip details. Think of it as a centralized hub for important documents and reservations, itineraries, photos, and a lot more. Read on to discover eight reasons Bublup is the perfect travel companion for your next group getaway.

1. Group Folders Are Golden

In Bublup, we use customizable folders to house pretty much any media type you can think of. These folders can then become Group Folders, aka folders that anyone you invite can access and join. Create a folder for your trip, give it a pretty cover image if you’re feeling it, and invite your fellow attendees to join. Simply click on the “invite” button in the upper right corner and select “Invite With A Link” or “Invite By Username Or Email”. (And get ready to hear the phrase “it’s in the folder” a lot.)

Group Folders Are Golden

You can also give folder members different permission levels. For example, you might want to allow everyone to add content, make edits, and invite others. Alternatively, if you’re the main trip planner, you might create a space that you control and members can only view. 

2. Subfolders

Bublup allows you to create unlimited subfolders within a folder. This means every aspect of your trip can be perfectly organized. You can create a folder called “flights” that contains everyone’s flight info or “accommodation” for all of your hotel reservations. Additionally, you might have a folder for everyone’s contact information, the trip itinerary, and trip photos, to name a few.


3. All Media Types Welcome

Travel planning typically includes a variety of media types. Your boarding pass might be a PDF, while your important document copies are JPEGs. You might have web links for different tours you want to do or need a checklist for your packing list. All of these things can be saved together in a Bublup folder- which means every detail of your trip can truly be found in one place. All you have to do is drag and drop content from your desktop, or use the blue “+” button to add items by file type.

4. Comments & Reactions

When your itinerary is in flux and folder members are brainstorming about where to go and what to do, comments and reactions are very helpful when it comes to the decision-making process. Love someone’s idea? React with a ❤️. Not a big fan? Leave a comment and an alternative suggestion. You can also use @mentions to tag a specific person to get their input or ask a question. Comments and reactions are great ways to communicate and get everyone hyped up about the trip!

Comments & Reactions

5. Notifications

We know you’re excited about going on vacation, and notifications ensure that you don’t miss a thing. Whenever there’s activity in your Group Folder, you’ll get a head’s up! (If people are getting a little too excited and your notifications are blowing up, you can adjust notification settings in “My Info”.)

6. Photo Sharing is a Breeze

We’ll be shocked if your group trip doesn’t include taking a silly amount of photos. If you’ve ever struggled to get shots from your travel companions after a trip, then you’ll appreciate Bublup more than ever. You can designate a folder for your trip photos and even break it down into subfolders for easier management. For example, you might want to make a subfolder for each day or even make subfolders by specific locations or events.

You can even use the in-app camera to ensure your photos go straight into the folder, which saves you the added step of uploading them to a folder later.

7. Thanks for the Memories

After a fabulous vacation, what’s more fun than sharing the memories with those that couldn’t be there? This is where Bublup Rolls come in handy. A Roll is an instant web page that can be created in seconds. Take your folders full of photos, for example. Just head to the menu and click “Roll an Instant Web Page” and the contents of your folder will be transformed into a single web page that’s shareable by URL. There are different themes, colors, and fonts to choose from. To learn more about Bublup Rolls, including how to customize your roll theme and roll URL, check out our Bublup Rolls Master Class playlist on YouTube.

Thanks for the Memories

8.Extra Space is Always a Bonus

More luggage space is always appreciated, but we’re talking about your Bublup storage space! When you invite new people to the app and they sign up, you get 5 GB of storage for FREE up to 100 GB. As they say, the more the merrier.

Now that you know about Bublup, we certainly hope the idea of planning a group vacation feels a lot less daunting (and maybe even fun!). We can’t wait to help you make some incredible memories! Good luck and bon voyage!

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