How to Create the Ultimate Digital Cookbook

November 24, 2020

By: The Bublup Team

"Think of Bublup as your sous-chef, ready to inform you of all needed ingredients and directions on demand."

How to Create the Ultimate Digital Cookbook

By: The Bublup Team

When it comes to building a collection of recipes you love, they’ll most likely come from a variety of sources. From grandma’s famous biscuits and gravy recipe handwritten on an index card, to screenshots from a text with your dad about how to make his delicious barbeque ribs, and even a link to a recipe for copycat Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli you found online, they all need to come together in one central location. That’s where Bublup comes to the rescue. Think of Bublup as your sous-chef, ready to inform you of all needed ingredients and directions on demand.

Follow the recipe below to get started creating your new digital cookbook:

1. Prep Your Ingredients- Setting up Your Folders

Start by creating your top-level folders that will serve as the structure of your cookbook. An example of a folder hierarchy that might work for you is:

Create Top-Level Folders

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Desserts
  • Vegan

Create Subfolders

Top-level folders can contain endless subfolders, so to create the ultimate cookbook, you can organize to your heart’s content or until your stomach is full. Have a bunch of chocolate cake recipes you’re dying to try out? Create a subfolder for them! Some ideas on how to break down subfolders are:

  • Breakfast → Cheese Omelettes
  • Lunch → Chicken Salads
  • Dinner → Chicken Parmesan Variations
  • Desserts → Chocolate Cake
  • Vegan → Roasted Veggies

2. Add Ingredients to Pan and Cook- Populate Your Folders

You can easily save web links, photos, videos, documents, and any other file type in your Bublup folders. There are multiple ways to add recipes from both desktop and your mobile device.

  • The “+” Button
    Anything can be saved by clicking the blue “+” button in the bottom right corner of your folder. Select the file type you wish to upload or paste a web link.
  • Use the Chrome Extension
    The Bublup Chrome extension, also known as the “Nanobar,” lets you save to Bublup directly from any web page with the click of a button. You also can view Bublup Suggestions for recipes you’re viewing and quickly access your Bublup folders.
  • The Built-In Camera
    Have a box full of handwritten recipes? The mobile app offers a built-in camera that automatically saves photos in your folder.
  • “Share to” Bublup
    You can quickly set up Bublup as a “share to” option on your iPhone (if you’re an Android user, simply move Bublup up to the top of your “share to” options). This is the quickest way to save recipe links to Bublup while you’re browsing on your mobile device. Found an amazing chicken noodle soup recipe on Instagram that you’re inspired to make? Share it to Bublup!

3. Plate Your Meal- Share With Friends

With all your favorite recipes in one place, it’s time to plate your creations and invite friends to the table. Share your new digital cookbook with friends and family and have them add in their favorites too. You can also quickly create a link to one recipe or roll up your whole cookbook and share with anyone via a single link, even if they don’t have Bublup!

  • The More the Merrier- Make Any Folder A Group Folder
    With group folders, you can manage everyone’s favorite recipes in one place, versus using endless streams of messy emails or texts, saving yourself and others time.

    By selecting the “invite” icon, you can add others to your folder by email address or username. There are also different permission levels available such as view, add, edit, and invite privileges.

  • Copy Shareable Link
    With one click, you can share any recipe in your cookbook! You can find the “copy shareable link” option in the “…” menu on any item. To find it on desktop, hover over the saved item, and you will see the “…” menu in the top right corner. On mobile, the “…” button is always visible on any item.

    When you use a shareable link, any item details you include (title, description, and image) travel with your item.

  • Roll Up Your Cookbook
    Want to share your new cookbook with Grandma? You can do so with a single link by turning your folders into a roll. A roll is an instant web page that beautifully displays all your content and can be created instantly with a click of a button.

    To create a roll, select “Roll An Instant Web Page” from the menu, and watch as your folder recipes transform into a beautiful cookbook!

    Rolls are extremely customizable, so if you want to add some of your own spice, you have options to get creative. To customize a roll, you can:

    -Choose a theme that represents your content in a visually appealing way.
    -Edit title text and descriptions to tailor your message.
    -Select a focal point or “Set Key Area” for certain photos so that they display exactly how you want.

Bublup is the perfect app for keeping all of your delicious recipes in one easy to find place. Now you can spend less time searching for your favorite recipe and more time eating it!

If you have any questions or feedback about Bublup, feel free to reach out to us at