Simplify Your Life with Top Secrets from an Organization Guru

July 9, 2021

By: The Bublup Team

"Staying organized, maximizing your efficiency, and finding the best digital tools available is easier said than done. Sam knows the tricks of the trade that will help you master it all."

Simplify Your Life with Top Secrets from an Organization Guru

By: The Bublup Team

Obvious but necessary fact: to get the most done in your personal or professional life, you must be able to stay organized. To help our readers master this often difficult task, we spoke with Sam Koza, a featured Bublup author who knows a thing or two about taking organization to the next level. As the owner and operator of Raging Bull Digital, a Minneapolis Digital Marketing Company specializing in website design, SEO, local search, social, and content management, Sam told us that once he got his digital world organized, the success he saw in his personal and professional life soared.

Sam astutely stated that “one of the biggest challenges that any professional with meetings, calendars, deadlines, and clients deals with is staying organized.” Staying organized, maximizing your efficiency, and finding the best digital tools available is easier said than done. Sam knows the tricks of the trade that will help you master it all. Read on to see how Bublup can be a major boost in helping you be at the top of your game.

Why Do You Need to Stay Organized?


Clutter is a natural way of life. We accumulate things over time, and some days we just don’t have it in us to put things back where they belong. But clutter can lead to stress and zap your energy so you aren’t operating as your best self. Yuck. There is also a psychological aspect to staying organized.

The less clutter in your workspace, the less clutter in your head. You probably wouldn’t leave your dishes piled up in your kitchen for weeks, so there’s no reason you should be leaving your documents scattered on your desktop. Now maybe you think you have a system that already works for you, but odds are you are using a number of different tools, systems, and places to keep yourself organized. This usually just leads to feeling overwhelmed and pulled in many different directions, which can be especially problematic in your professional life.

Take digital marketers, for instance. “Whether at an agency or a freelance environment, our lives consist of utilizing new tools and technology, scheduling events, meetings, and virtual interaction, engaging sales funnel tools, building CRMs, using productivity apps, and more,” Sam says. “Then after that is out of the way, we actually have to prioritize our projects, store and access assets or information, and adhere to deadlines in order to actually do work.”

Without a way to organize all of your information in one place, you risk wasting your time trying to find what you are looking for instead of using your time to work on what you need. “You’d be surprised how quickly your day can get going in the right direction when your life is organized,” he said. “And isn’t that what we all want?”

How Do You Get Your Stuff Organized?

So you’re on board with better organizing your stuff. Awesome. Getting motivated to find an organizational tool that works for you is the first step. But you may be concerned about the time it could take or the effort you’ll need to put in. Don’t worry; we have you covered.

Sam used to use Google Docs, which he found useful, but mentioned that he would often have an overwhelming number of tabs open at a time, multiple browsers running, and his computer and mental capacity would wind up drained.

Then he started using Bublup. Sam is a self-identified power user of Bublup, finding it to improve his organization and productivity. “It is a great way to get yourself organized.”

Why Use Bublup To Get Organized?

Being able to truly customize your organizational experience, so you really know where everything is, leads to the greatest chance of sticking to your new organizational system. In Bublup, you can add any file type or link in the same place – PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoints, photos, videos, and more – so all your project needs are kept together. You can also add a unique title, description, and image to each item you save so you can easily find the specific item you’re looking for.

When we asked Sam why he finds Bublup to be the best tool for staying organized, he said, “Bublup offers the ability to organize anything you want by folder. You can give your folder a name, add the project details, and include images, assets, links, and ideas all in the same place. And you can literally storyline a project as you’re building a Bublup roll.” The roll feature lets you supercharge any folder by allowing you to show off a collection or share anything you want to “roll-up” with clients, colleagues, family, friends, and more.

Sam has found Bublup’s organizational capabilities most effective, explaining that he would “encourage users of the app to play with the inner and outer folder abilities to realize their own style.” Thanks to the personalization, “not every folder layout and roll will be the same. You can see personality and behavior in the way you organize in Bublup, which is why it’s such a versatile tool.”

Sam has certainly taken to using Bublup, and as a result, it’s a key tool in his ability to stay organized.

You’ve seen how important it is to keep your stuff organized, so give it a shot yourself. Once everything is de-cluttered, you will see how quickly you can grab the documents and links you’re looking for. And hey, maybe that will mean you can spend more time browsing memes on Trending, too!

About the author

Raging Bull Digital is a boutique digital marketing agency which works to guide businesses of all sizes through analyzing their search-ability inside their target digital footprint and areas for authoritative growth through search engine optimization.

Samuel (Sammy J.) Koza is the Founder of Raging Bull Digital – a digital footprint strategist, specializing in local search/directory repair, SEO services, and website design.