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How YouTube Videos Are More Productive For Startups

December 29, 2021 /
Sanket Shah
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YouTube is a universally popular platform where people can watch and even upload videos. Believe it or not, this platform has over 2 billion users and gets around 30 million visits every day. The good news is that this particular platform is also ideal for all startups or small businesses, as Youtube allows them to market their Youtube video ads in a hassle-free and stress-free way.

About 400 hours of videos get uploaded every minute on YouTube. On the other hand, people spend around 40 minutes on YouTube after visiting the site or opening the app. Therefore, it goes without saying that tapping into YouTube’s platform would build any business.

So, if small businesses create unique and engaging videos for their products or services and upload them on YouTube, they get a lot of attention. Visual content always leaves an indelible impression on the minds of viewers. Quite naturally, with Youtube video ads, they can gain a lot of traffic for their sites.

How Can YouTube Videos Help Startups?


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1.Help You Get Found On Google

Yeah, you heard it right!! You will get found on Google if you market your products and services on YouTube. This is because of the Google Universal Search. Under this particular search, all the images, videos, local searches, books, and even news get blended into Google’s search results.

For instance, when you look for something on Google’s search engine, you will find YouTube videos appearing on the search results. This indicates that Google considers video content as important as the only written content ones.

You can quickly write content that can be engaging and high-quality for your website and create complimentary videos on YouTube. Doing so will allow you to create backlinks on your site, which in turn will help you to get found on Google.

2.Content Will Never Die

startups and youtube videos

Want to know a secret? Your content will never expire or die when they are uploaded on YouTube.

This means when you use YouTube videos for a startup, it will help repurpose all the content you have already made. You don’t need to spend all your funds and time on expensive equipment. Repurposing content, which you have created already stands out as an excellent form of content marketing.

It will help reach all those audiences who love that type of content. For instance, a blog post can be repurposed easily into various formats, such as Infographics, podcasts, video series, and even presentations.

This strategy will let you make around four pieces of content through one idea. This will result in an engaging audience who have the power to digest all the information, which you provide them.

3.Growing Audience Across The Globe

Another cool thing about these YouTube videos is that they will enable all small businesses or startups to increase their audience base worldwide. Creating video content consistently will open doors to many brand-new visitors who have never come across your business before.

Even if you speak just one language or two, you can reach out to people in every corner of the world with YouTube.

Additionally, including close captions to your videos will effectively reach an audience worldwide. According to studies, YouTube videos containing close captions get 4% more subscribers and viewers than those who do not have or use closed captions.

How To Create Unique And Engaging YouTube Videos

creating youtube videos for startups

We know that creating video content is not that simple!

It’s time-consuming, requires proper editing and various other things.

There are many video content creators out there who spend hours making unique and exciting videos, which can help in providing them with many viewers and subscribers on YouTube. To create unique and exciting video content, you will require a tool that can make the work easy for you. Choose a trusted and reliable video maker that matches your needs and wants for your YouTube video.

Using a video-making tool will let you create videos that can advertise, present, and explain your startup quickly and effectively. It will also allow you to show your targeted audience what your business is about and the types of services or products you have in-store.

If your startup is related to finances or accounting, you can easily create high-quality and interesting videos and explain the financial nuances. Using a video-making tool will allow you to create video contents, which will enable you to gain many viewers on YouTube, thus allowing your startup to grow.

How To Choose The Best Video Making Tool

When choosing a reliable video-making software, doing research is highly essential. That’s what we think!

It will help you learn and understand the type of video-making software available in the market today. You can check out all those reviews given by existing customers as they will provide you with more in-depth information about the software.

Ending Note

YouTube is one of the biggest and the best platforms for startups. It will allow them to create content, present themselves well, and earn numerous customers or clients across the globe. You must always create unique and interesting video contents that emphasize your business and that people will love. Doing so will help grow your business across various channels, no matter which industry vertical you belong to.

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Sanket Shah is the founder of InVideo. InVideo serves millions of users from ~190 countries and has have raised $20M+ from the likes of Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global.

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