Create Your Next Pitch Deck Using a Bublup Roll

July 14, 2020

By: Mark Matthews

"My appreciation for Bublup rolls was amplified when I started receiving very positive feedback from clients and sponsors after presenting them pitch decks in the form of rolls."

Create Your Next Pitch Deck Using a Bublup Roll

By: Mark Matthews

Every so often, I stumble across an online solution that makes a task way easier, more effective, or just more fun to do. Well, my appreciation for Bublup rolls was amplified when I started receiving very positive feedback from clients and sponsors after presenting them pitch decks in the form of rolls.

I’m an athlete first and a business person second, so creating an effective sales pitch can sometimes be quite intimidating. Once I started becoming more familiar with Bublup and all its functions, I discovered the benefit of implementing rolls into my presentations.

To provide you with some context- I am a professional mountain biker that specializes in content creation and media campaigns for the brands I represent. In 2020, it’s not all about winning races and competitions.

Creating engaging social media and YouTube content is more important than ever as a vehicle to increase brand awareness and drive sales. My sponsors expect top tier content regularly. However, this can get exhausting.

Quality content is subjective, but I set high standards for myself to cut away from the noise, and the quantity of content is equally important to grow and progress my brand.

My Secret to Approvals

Perhaps one of the most difficult steps in the content creation process is getting approval from sponsors. It is especially challenging when the content is ambitious and expensive, going beyond the scope of an easy, daily post.

I’m talking about international travel, multiple media assets, and long sets of deliverables.

Earlier this year, I wanted to travel to Namibia, Africa, to document the lifestyle and landscapes surrounding the country’s nomadic tribes. I wanted to explore the land by mountain bike, all while riding exhilarating, natural terrain. It was going to be a truly epic experience both culturally and physically.

Making a project like this come to life comes at a very high cost, so I had to get multiple sponsors on board. This was when Bublup rolls became game-changing for me.

My pitch deck for Namibia was presented in a roll with the following sections:

The Story, Theme of Focus, Deliverable Set, Itinerary, Timeline, and Budget.

As a Bublup folder alone, this was becoming very organized and simplified in comparison to a multi-page pitch deck, but bundling it up into a roll took it to the next level. Here’s why:

  1. I was able to present everything cleanly, submit it via a custom web link instead of an attachment, and present all the content on one page.
  2. The provided “Showcase” theme was perfect for this function and laid out all the information in a way that was very easy to consume visually.
  3. I could include way more detail than a PDF document but use up less space. For example, I loved being able to include a photo of each team member and link directly to their website.
  4. I could customize the roll with my own branding, thanks to Bublup’s premium roll features.

Stand Out from the Crowd

The Namibia pitch deck was a great success! Every brand I presented it to said yes immediately, and I noticed it had over 40 views in the first week. Not bad for an internal pitch!

Shortly after, I found out the pitch was shared around the office of XS Energy because the presentation impressed people.

That made me come to realize when you send a pitch deck to a brand via an email attachment, it’s unlikely they will forward that attachment to more people. With a simple web link, it’s convenient and easy to distribute, and will likely get in front of more sets of eyes.

Ever since the successful Namibia pitch, I’ve been creating proposals and decks via rolls with a very high success rate. What’s even more fun is that now I genuinely love the process of creating proposals now. Before it was a daunting task where I would have to mentally prepare myself to sit down for hours and hammer out a PDF presentation (a process that doesn’t come natural to me).

With Bublup, I can be calculated with my approach, and take my time by saving links, notes, and resources into a folder. I will fine tune those things over time until it’s ready to be made into a roll.

The Namibia trip is currently on-hold due to COVID 19, but I feel confident that my pitch made a long-lasting impact on my sponsors. When the timing is right, we will be going!

About the author

Mark Matthews is a professional mountain biker from Victoria, BC. He grew up surrounded by mountains on the ocean, Canada’s west coast- the epicenter of freeride mountain biking. Today he documents his global adventures, trail building pursuits, and other activities that contribute to the mountain bike and outdoor communities.