Why Digital Nomads Love Bublup!

October 1, 2020

By: Kristin Wilson

"With Bublup, I can save and access my work from anywhere with an internet connection – without worrying about losing any of my data."

Why Digital Nomads Love Bublup!

By: Kristin Wilson

As a digital nomad and online entrepreneur of more than ten years, I’m used to managing my business from various countries while living life on-the-go. However, I’ve found that plenty can go wrong while working remotely and traveling at the same time.

From lost luggage to computer crashes and stolen hard drives – I’ve seen (and experienced) it all.

That’s why I rely on cloud-based remote work tools like Bublup to store and share files. With Bublup, I can save and access my work from anywhere with an internet connection – without worrying about losing any of my data.

How I Use Bublup

I use Bublup in three main ways:

  1. For content creation: To gather ideas and inspiration for blog articles and videos.
  2. As cloud storage to save important documents and files.
  3. To collaborate with my remote colleagues and contractors around the world.

Content Creation

My favorite way to use Bublup as a digital nomad is to save, organize, and develop creative content ideas.

Each week, I publish on two YouTube channels, two blogs, and a weekly podcast. That means I’m always on the look-out for topics to talk or write about!

Before Bublup, I used to save everything in my phone’s Notes app, but I ended up with many text files that I couldn’t share or organize very well. Fortunately, Bublup allows for more organization, customization, photos, videos, and visual elements. I keep separate folders for brainstorming ideas, keeping track of projects in progress, and archiving completed and published works.

Frequently, an idea for a blog post or online course about how to achieve the digital nomad lifestyle will start with a simple note. Then, over the coming weeks, I’ll collect links and quotes that I find in my research. Once I’m ready to finish the post or training, I have everything I need for the article in one folder.

I also use Bublup to prepare for my podcast each week. I have one folder for potential guests and one for confirmed interviews, which I use to save information, links, resources, and questions for upcoming shows.

After videos and articles are published, I save screenshots of analytics and other data in the same folder for easy reference later on.

I’ve also used Bublup to secure brand deals by hosting my media kit on the site or turning my portfolio into a Bublup “roll” to share as a dedicated webpage.

Cloud Storage

Before Bublup, I was constantly backing my work up to various hard drives that I would strategically leave around the world in case they crashed or got stolen.

I had a back up hard drive stashed in every bag I owned, including my carry on, checked bag, and purse! I also always made sure to leave one at my parents’ house and in hotel safes while traveling.

Keeping physical backups of my data was complicated and expensive. With Bublup, I can upload files quickly and easily to the cloud and make sure they are organized the way I want into folders and subfolders.

Now, whenever a client or partner asks for a document, I can simply send them a link to the file in Bublup rather than sending attachments.


Before I learned about Bublup, I did a lot of communication and collaboration over email, which isn’t very efficient.

These days, I use Bublup to share and collaborate on projects with my remote colleagues around the world.

For example, I’m in a weekly mastermind group with fellow digital nomads in Bali, Germany, and the Netherlands. We use Bublup to save meeting notes and share links and resources mentioned during our video calls. Giving everyone access to edit the folder makes working together and supporting each other really convenient.

For the members of my online Facebook community of aspiring digital nomads, I share travel guides and rolls with answers to their most frequently asked questions. The other moderators and I also collaborate in shared folders to store interesting news stories and ideas for content to post in the group.

Finally, I keep folders in Bublup for each of my consulting clients. That way, they can refer back to documents, notes, assignments, or resources from our weekly calls in one place.


Since discovering Bublup through a fellow digital nomad in Norway one year ago, I have used it almost every day! It’s made running my online business easier while helping me create more content, faster. I would highly recommend both the web and smartphone apps for digital nomads looking for a secure way to save and share information with anyone in the world.

About the author

Kristin Wilson is an online entrepreneur who has been living and working across 60+ countries in the past 18 years. She helps aspiring remote workers and digital nomads find jobs, make money online, and become location independent so they can travel more. Follow her on Medium and subscribe to her YouTube channel, Traveling with Kristin, and weekly podcast, Badass Digital Nomads.