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Organized Amid Chaos: Using Bublup for Remote Learning

September 08, 2020 /
Jessica Pilgreen
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As a teacher preparing for the upcoming school year, I’ve been very curious about the different ways I can harness technology to benefit my students and keep them engaged, especially if I transition to remote learning. When I discovered Bublup, it was clear I found a very special tool for staying connected with students, parents, and other stakeholders that would make us feel close even if we end up far apart.

Digital Open House

Bublup is a fantastic digital option for an Open House, Student Orientation, or a Meet-the-Teacher event! It’s a simple way to share a wide variety of resources that are helpful to students and parents.

For example, you can include a PDF of your class syllabus along with a Meet the Teacher video, a Google Doc with a list of needed supplies, links to websites that will be used during remote instruction, and a copy of your Bitmoji classroom.

Whatever you choose to use, you can bring it all together in Bublup. You can organize all of your resources into one easy-to-find location that helps students get to know you and your classroom.

You can share your folder as a slideshow for an in-person Open House, or share it digitally if you’re conducting your Open House remotely. Regardless of how you’ll be teaching this year, Bublup is a fantastic way to introduce yourself!

Classroom Website

This year, I’ll be using Bublup rolls to create a low-stress, low-prep classroom website with a serious wow factor!

A roll is an instant web page that rolls all of the content from one of your folders into one URL, making it so easy to share with students and parents via email, website, or a Learning Management System.

I’ll start my roll with the basics: Meet the Teacher (a little bit about me), Syllabus (with a course description and expectations), Supplies (with pictures of recommended supplies), Reading List (with book trailers of the novels we will read), and Remote Learning (with link to helpful resources). As the school year progresses, I plan to add folders with photos of student activities and projects, and any resources that might benefit students or parents.

Once I’ve saved my files, images, videos, and other multimedia, I click “Roll an Instant Web Page,” and Bublup does the work for me. It instantly creates a beautiful web page that can be viewed on computers, laptops, Chromebooks, and smartphones. The best part is that it will look stunning without needing any experience building websites.

Bublup lets me arrange the order of items in my folder, select an eye-catching roll cover image, choose a visual theme, and even customize the link.

The finished product is an incredibly engaging experience that contains a variety of media and makes me look tech-savvy!

I love the ability to share all different types of media in one central “hub” that students and parents can access. This is especially important as I prepare for remote learning: parents need a digital “home base” where they can find the most up-to-date information and resources for my class.

Stay Connected

I also love that Bublup is a dynamic space that can be updated as the year progresses by adding more content.

As students and parents revisit our roll, they will see photos of the different projects and activities that we completed over the course of the year.

Students will be reminded of how much they have grown and learned, and parents will get a sneak peek into what goes on in my classroom. It’s a simple way to reach out and keep everyone feeling connected even when we’re practicing social distancing.

Bublup Has My Back

As a teacher, this upcoming school year holds a lot of uncertainty for me, but with Bublup, I know that my organization won’t be contributing to the chaos!

More importantly, Bublup provides a way for me to stay connected with my students and their families by creating highly-visual, highly-engaging instant web pages that gather all of my resources in one, easy-to-navigate place.

About the author

Dr. Jessica Pilgreen, Ed.D., is a National Board Certified High School English Teacher with seventeen years of classroom experience in grades 9-12. She has a Masters degree in English and a Doctorate in Educational Practice. You can follow her on Instagram at @me.and.my.laptop.

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