Make a Creative Portfolio in a Pinch with Bublup

June 25, 2020

By: Lauren Carey

"There are many options out there for creating a portfolio, such as a website or PDF, but I chose Bublup because I can make one in five minutes and showcase ANY kind of media type with it. "

Make a Creative Portfolio in a Pinch with Bublup

By: Lauren Carey

As a full-time traveler, photographer, and blogger, I produce A LOT of content. For over five years, I’ve been gallivanting around the globe, documenting my adventures in words, photos, and videos.

When I started building up a following and receiving collaboration offers, I realized my content could be monetized, and I needed a way to show off my skills. There are many options out there for creating a portfolio, such as a website or PDF, but I chose a Bublup roll because I can make one in five minutes and showcase ANY kind of media type with it.

I have created numerous portfolios with Bublup to date. Some are comprehensive examples of my work, while others are custom curations that I put together for specific opportunities that arise. Let’s take a look!

General Photography Portfolio

My general photography portfolio was created to showcase my travel photos and highlight the range of photography I’m capable of. I included drone images, portraits, and landscape shots.

Some people might argue that platforms like Instagram work just fine for a portfolio. I’m a big Instagram user myself and it is a great place to showcase photos, but when I also make a roll, I can highlight a selection of my best shots and show them off beyond just a small square! Some people also have very niche Instagrams, so making a roll portfolio is an opportunity to showcase other types of photos you take without compromising your Instagram feed!

Additionally, Instagram is optimized for vertical images. If you have some horizontal bangers, they deserve to be seen!

You might also argue that your website is a great place to house your portfolio. Websites do have many benefits, and if you have the time to make one, great! But here’s the thing, websites are tricky and Bublup is easy.

For those of us that aren’t particularly tech-savvy or for people that want to create multiple types of portfolios, Bublup rolls are easy to make from scratch. It’s even easier to update an existing one. When applying for photography gigs, I’m able to send my portfolio out as a single customizable link, and it keeps the process simple and professional.

Pro Tip: “Darkroom” and “Lumi” are great roll themes for photo-centric content!

Real Estate Photography Portfolio

I love taking photos of many things, but I’ve recently gotten into real estate photography. I do a lot of collaborations with properties, particularly Airbnbs, where I create content that they can use on their social channels and in their listing. I quickly realized that making a Bublup roll for each property helped give me a leg up when applying for the next.

When property owners ask what they can expect from the collaboration, I send them a Bublup roll I made for a past collaboration, like this eclectic home in California. I explain that they can download the images right from the roll as well.

Not only does the roll serve as a portfolio of my work, it’s also the perfect way to send the content I create to clients. So whether you specialize in weddings, travel, portraits, or something else, it’s great to have niche portfolios to send out for more specific opportunities that can be created quickly.

Pro Tip: The “Seabreeze” theme works nicely for a portfolio of this nature, and the images look great in a “Gallery” section layout.

Writing Portfolio

When applying for content writing gigs, having examples of my writing has been a must. Before Bublup, I used to send link-riddled emails containing different articles I’d written from around the internet. This was both clunky and difficult to navigate.

Now I just send one link, and within the portfolio itself, readers can find examples of my writing neatly organized by topic. I included posts from my own blog as well as articles I’ve written for other online publications.

Luckily I do have a large body of work online, but the beauty of being able to add any kind of media is that writers just starting out can easily include Word documents or PDFs as writing samples. I also added a “Contact Me” section to my roll with an “Email Me” widget. If it ever gets circulated or found online, readers can reach me with one click!

Pro Tip: Make a sub-folder for each category your writing falls into and add your links to them. This will display as sections in the roll.

While there are many options out there for creating a portfolio, none are as easy and versatile as a Bublup roll. If you want to know more about the process of making your own portfolio, I take you through five easy steps in this video tutorial.

About the author

Lauren Carey is an American digital nomad and the blogger behind Currently living and working around the world, Lauren has visited 50+ countries and counting. When she’s not out exploring, you can find her writing, editing photos, and planning her next trip.