Expert Tips to Master Working From Home (WFH)

March 25, 2020

"Whether you’re new to the WFH game or just need some help staying focused, Bublup’s got you covered. As a company that has a strong WFH culture, we can help you get into the groove."

Expert Tips to Master Working From Home (WFH)

Work from home. For some people, this has always been a way of life. For others, it’s always been the dream. For most, it’s a brand new situation that they’ve been tossed into unexpectedly. As a company that has a strong WFH culture, we can help you get into the groove with tips from our seasoned remote employees. From one fluffy-robed worker to another, we’re here to help.

Top 10 tips for working from home

  1. Jessica, Brooklyn
    Don’t let working from home be a barrier from bonding with coworkers. Create a group folder in Bublup for your team or your Friday lunch crew to share funny memes, trending news, or information on the current public health situation.

  2. Lauren M., Hudson Valley
    Know when to be done for the day. It can be tempting to keep cranking away in the evening when no one else is packing up. Give yourself a “shut down” time.

  3. Emilia, Denver
    Sometimes the silence that comes with working from home can be an even bigger distraction. Listening to music is a way to not only concentrate on work but also release pent up stress. What’s even better than listening to music? Creating and sharing playlists with friends, family, and coworkers to increase that virtual bond. As an example, check out what our team is listening to right now.

  4. Todd, Manhattan
    Video conferences over the web can start to feel repetitive after a while. Virtual backgrounds can help! I’ve been using one called “Earth” that makes me look like I’m floating in outer space lately. Also, I like how Bublup’s visual folders make it easy to show off the breadth of your work over a screen share.

  5. Jordan, Denver
    Replace individual documents that live on your desktop with Google docs or sheets to make collaboration easier. Save these links in a link manager (like Bublup) alongside other supporting documents or creative, so it’s easy for everyone always to access what you’re working on. Kind of an upgrade on someone looking over ? your shoulder at your screen.

  6. Justin, Brooklyn
    Commuting time was once brainstorming time for me. The time outside the office often gave me the perspective I needed to solve a problem I was stumped on or stumble on a creative idea that was brewing in the back corners of my mind. Working from home means you are always “in the office”, which may feel limiting. Build in walks around the block or simply sit in your backyard to have the mental break you need to come up with your best ideas!

  7. Lauren C., London
    Define your “office” space and set ground rules with people who may also be at home with you. Just because you’re home does not mean you’re free to be interrupted all the time. I’ve found that family members/roommates/etc don’t always understand that!

  8. Brandon, Manhattan
    Working from home doesn’t mean that you can’t share a laugh with coworkers. Working on a video project and finding it harder than you think? Make a blooper reel and share it with your team to get everyone a much-needed laugh. Here’s mine.

  9. Amy, Charleston
    Schedule a virtual water cooler coffee break via video chat with your team. We like Zoom or Google Hangouts.

  10. Kimberly, West Palm Beach
    When you work from home, sometimes the line can blur between working and being home. It’s important to step away from the screen, and give yourself some “off” time. Commit to sticking to a workout schedule, and make time to eat healthy meals. It will only make you more productive in the long run.

How can Bublup help you WFH?

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