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Free file transfers and storage, made simple.

Bublup is a new kind of cloud for visually organizing any kind of content -- all in one place. What’s better? Anything stored in Bublup can be easily shared with others via a simple link. Share single or multiple files, and other content, easily with Bublup.

Your number one option.

We know that when you have to share a file, you don’t want to think about it, you just want to do it. With Bublup, you have MORE FLEXIBILITY than other file sharing services, allowing you to transfer BIG FILES without worrying about links expiring or limits on who you can send to, all with our free plan!
BublupPopular File Transfer Service
Upload Limit 3 GB 2 GB
Storage IncludedYes No
Link Expiration Never7 days
Sending via Email Unlimited Limited to 10 people
Premium Option Up to 50 GB Up to 20 GB
If you need to transfer bigger files or get more storage, you can! By referring others to Bublup, you earn 1 GB of additional storage for each signup, for a total of 15 GB for life. You can also get up to 1 TB of storage and transfer files as big as 50 GB with Bublup Premium.

3 simple steps to share a file.

Upload your document, video, or other large files into a Bublup folder.
Click the “•••” menu in the top right corner of the file you uploaded and select “copy shareable link.”
Send the link via email, text, social, or however you share information. Want to share multiple files at once? Use a Bublup Roll.