Send big files in seconds.

Save big or small files in Bublup and share them easily with a simple link. Your recipient can download the file instantly.

No send limits

Shareable links never expire

Save and share up to 50GB with Premium 

Step 1:


Upload your document, video, or other files into a Bublup folder.

Step 2:


Click the “•••” menu in the top right corner of the file you uploaded and select “copy shareable link.”

Step 3:


Send the link via email, text, social, or however you share.

Free file transfers and storage.

Bublup allows for more flexibility than other file-sharing services. No need to worry about send limits or lack of storage.

How we stack up:

When you have to share a file, you don’t want to think about it; you just want to do it. With Bublup, you have more flexiblity:

Bublup WeTransfer Dropbox
Upload Limit 3 GB 2 GB 100 MB
Storage Included3 GB No 2 GB
Link Expiration Never7 days 7 days

Sharing files is better with Bublup.