Bublup Bot

What is the Bublup Bot?

Bublup Bot is an internet bot created by Bublup to systematically browse interesting content on the internet and create a database of millions of items for Bublup users. Bublup’s sophisticated suggestion engine works behind the scenes to bring its users keyword-based and crowdsourced suggestions related to what they save in their user accounts, and trending topics they like to see.

Bublup creates visually appealing content for users to review. The bot helps Bublup identify the data on the web pages, including page title, description, and related images. The web pages contain information that enable Bublup to provide suggestions, filter spam, and display useful information related to that page. The Bublup Bot periodically fetches pages and their content, and enables Bublup to process and store or refresh the page content.

How does Bublup access your site?

When a genuine Bublup Bot visits your website, it will send a valid Bublup User-Agent and connect from a network managed by Bublup. The Bublup Bot is also configured to automatically rate-limit concurrent requests made to your website.

Bublup uses dynamic scaling of instances to handle user load and, therefore, the IP addresses of its servers hitting a website is not fixed. We recommend that webmasters avoid hard-coding IP addresses in their site configuration, as the addresses that the Bublup Bot uses may change without notice.

What is the signature of the Bublup user agent?

BublupBot (+https://www.bublup.com/bublup-bot.html)
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; BublupBot; https://www.bublup.com/bublup-bot.html)

How do you verify a genuine Bublup Bot?

  1. Run a reverse DNS lookup on the IP address from your access logs.
  2. Verify that the domain name in the response ends with bublup.com.
  3. Run a forward DNS lookup on the response retrieved from step 1.
  4. Verify that it is the same as the IP address from step 1.

If you receive a consistent volume of traffic from a client sending a valid Bublup User-Agent but it does not pass the above DNS test, please contact us at info@bublup.com.

How do you restrict Bublup from accessing your site?

If you do not want the Bublup Bot to ever visit your website, you can contact us and we will put you on our "do not visit" list.

How do I contact Bublup for more information?

You can contact Bublup at info@bublup.com.