How to Stick to Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

January 6, 2021

By: Lauren Carey

"This year, I found a strategy that keeps me organized, accountable, and motivated as I embark on the most cliche resolution of all: to get in shape! And Bublup is helping me every step of the way."

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

By: Lauren Carey

Are you ready to take on a New Year’s resolution, but you’re afraid it won’t stick? You’re not alone. Every year I make a grand resolution that flops after a few short weeks or never makes it off the ground at all. I’ve recently discovered that it doesn’t have to be that way, and I’m ready to break the cycle of failure.

This year, I found a strategy that keeps me organized, accountable, and motivated as I embark on the most cliche resolution of all: to get in shape! And Bublup is helping me every step of the way.

I’ve been using Bublup to organize goals, get feedback from friends, and get work done for years. It’s legit! Using the app to help me get in shape has been equally successful, and I invite you to follow along!

Step 1: Set Your Goals

New Year’s is a great time to start fresh and improve your life- whether that be changing some undesirable behaviors, taking on a personal goal, or generally improving your life. As I mentioned, I’m heading down the fitness route this year. So here are my goals that I’ve recorded in a Bublup note:

1. Work out 3x a week.

It’s important to decide what you can realistically take on. I’ve challenged myself to book at least two studio fitness classes (I’ve joined ClassPass where I live in the Netherlands, it’s a game-changer!) and that leaves me with one more flexible workout to do at home or outside.

2. Drop 10 lbs in 2 months.

It’s an ambitious one, especially for a carboholic this time of year, but I would love to shed a few pounds. Summer bodies are made in the winter, am I right?

Something else you can do in the goal-setting stage is to write down exactly what your motivation is. Sometimes we lose sight of what brought us to a resolution in the first place. Keeping that reminder visible somewhere will help you keep your focus.

Step 2: Positive Reinforcement

Remember those little sticker charts you had as a kid? You’d get a big ol’ star when you did something good? Yeah, I still appreciate those as an adult!

Bublup is essentially my digital sticker chart. I’ve created a folder for every week, and I took great pleasure in making it look beautiful with customizable images. I set my folder background to a beautiful green color with a girl working out, and my folder covers to pretty gold numbers that represent each week.

After each workout, I document my progress and share a photo or video. Recording my workouts is essentially a motivational tool. Just like filling up a sticker chart with stars, filling up a folder with notes and pictures reminds me of everything I’ve accomplished and makes me want to create more.

Not only that, but It’s also a running journal to reflect back on when my motivation dips. It’s a way to remember what workouts I liked and how good they made me feel. Re-reading my notes helps to remind me how far I’ve come!

Step 3: Accountability

Sometimes, even my “beautiful stickers” aren’t enough to get me out of bed in the morning. Sometimes, I need a little help from my friends.

I invited my friends and family into my fitness folder to watch my progress and help keep me motivated. There’s something about knowing that others are keeping tabs on me that makes me feel like I can’t slack off. Making my folder an interactive space where people can motivate and encourage me is so much better than taking on this challenge alone!

One Final Tip…

One last tip if you’re also on a fitness journey or tackling a resolution that could potentially get a bit monotonous: variety is the spice of life! Whether it’s working out, changing your diet, reading more, or keeping the house clean, it’s important to find ways to keep it interesting and prevent yourself from getting bored.

I’ve been mixing up my fitness classes and trying new ones that are totally outside of my comfort zone, only to find that I really like them! Booty and abs class in the club? Heck yeah. Meditation spinning class? I couldn’t figure out what that would be like, but I ended up loving it!

To see all of these tips in action (as well as some of the crazy places I’ve been able to workout!) be sure to watch my YouTube video as well. And just know that the bottom line is this: whatever you do, don’t give up!


There you have it! My strategy for sticking to my New Year’s Resolution. If you’d like, you’re more than welcome to come along on my fitness journey by joining this folder. It’s a great way to motivate yourself to stick with your resolution. You can see exactly how I’ve set mine up and help keep me 100% accountable in the process!

Best of luck with your resolution- you’ve got this!

About the author

Lauren Carey is an American digital nomad and the girl behind the travel Instagram account @girlgoneabroad. Currently living and working around the world, Lauren has visited 50+ countries and counting. When she’s not out exploring, you can find her writing, editing photos, and planning her next trip.