Bublup Support    Bubbling Up and Suggestions

What are Bublup Suggestions?

Bublup will display webpages saved by the community that relate to content that you're viewing; these related links are called "Suggestions". When the lightbulb lights up (it turns yellow), there are suggestions for the webpage or folder that you are viewing.

If you click on the lightbulb, you'll be taken to the suggestions area. Only public web pages can "bubble up" and they are crowd-sourced anonymously. No other content types (photos, documents, etc.) can bubble up, so your private stuff always stays private. Suggestions show up in your folders on both desktop and mobile. When you are in the "detail" view of a saved link, you will also see suggestions based on that individual item.

If you have the Bublup add-on installed, also known as the nanobar, you'll see suggestions for webpages as you browse the web. The lightbulb on the nanobar will light up, indicating that suggestions are available.

Click on the lightbulb to open the Suggestion Bar, and view suggestions related to the pages you visit as you browse.