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How to use templates

Using Templates

When you sign up for Bublup, you’ll notice that your account is automatically created with Example Folders and “Templates”. Just go to “Home” -> “Getting Started” to check them out.

Find a template and make a copy for yourself.

1. Open the “Getting Started” folder.

2. Open one of the three main template areas – “personal use”, “professional use”, or “educational use”.

3. Explore the templates and find one that works for you. Open the folder’s 3-dot (…) menu and select “copy to” – “another folder”.

4. Select “Copy here” to save the template into “Home”, a pre-existing folder in my stuff, or select “new folder”.

5. You now have your own, editable copy of the template to explore and use. The folders are set up for you, and there are some related links at the bottom to help get you started.


6. You can edit the existing folders or add new subfolders to tailor this section to your specific needs.

Pro Tip: You can get the latest content for your Quick Start example folders by selecting “Update Example Folders” in the help menu. This will copy the latest example content into a new folder in your “Home”. Any old example content you have will still be there, and you can delete it at your discretion.



Here is a short video showing the steps for getting started with templates: