Mobile and Web Designer

The Job

Bublup is hiring a mobile and web designer to create state of the art interfaces for large-scale and highly interactive applications. Our projects are ground-breaking in terms of how users will interact with data and each other. We are looking for people who love to write code, but also have a great imagination.

Skill Areas

Our team has a mix of skill areas and we are hiring a range of experience levels for various positions. Therefore, we are not hung up on an exact skill list or a specific number of years of experience.We want talented people who have experience with various technologies for front-end development, and who adapt to whatever the right architecture, languages, and libraries are to build the best total system and deliver the best user experience.

Most Important Skills:

  • Cross-browser development
  • User Experience (UX/UXD)
  • Cross-browser development
  • UI Implementation for AngularJS Applications