DevOps Engineer

The Job

Bublup is hiring DevOps engineers to support development and operations of our highly interactive applications. Our projects are ground-breaking in terms of how users will interact with data and each other. We are looking for talented and motivated engineers with experience in scalable software deployment, automation, and monitoring.

Skill Areas

The DevOps team at Bublup prides itself in using the most efficient technologies that application development and cloud hosting environments have to offer. The team is instrumental in improving efficiency within product development as well as facilitating cross-team integration.

Most Important Skills:

  • Cloud hosting experience (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Platform)
  • Databases and Analytics technologies (e.g., Couchbase, Cassandra, Elasticsearch)
  • Development environments (e.g., Bamboo, Docker, Git, Jira)
  • Performance monitoring and logging (e.g., Kibana, Nagios, APM tools)
  • Scripting and automation (e.g., Ansible, Bash, Puppet, Python, and Ruby)
  • Networking (e.g., CDN, Load Balancers, DNS)
  • Security technologies

Key responsibilities:

  • Management of cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Support an active team of local and remote developers.
  • Coordinate with internal teams and hosting providers to troubleshoot and escalate problems to resolution.
  • Team player with great communication skills.
  • Administration, monitoring, log analysis, and performance tuning of infrastructure.
  • Document procedures to enable faster troubleshooting and resolution.