15 People Using Bublup to Collect Recipes

January 23, 2020

By: Lauren Carey

"Whether they’re your own culinary creations or those of other talented cooks, Bublup has proven to be the perfect place to collect and share recipes with friends, families, or followers. "

15 People Using Bublup to Collect Recipes

By: Lauren Carey

Remember Grandma’s old Rolodex of recipes? It was full of delicious secrets- secrets because those recipes probably never made it outside of her kitchen! Whether they’re your own culinary creations or those of other talented cooks, Bublup has proven to be the perfect place to collect and share recipes with friends, families, or followers. From Indian to Mexican to chocolate chip cookies, these 15 food and drink experts have created comprehensive resources to help you impress in the kitchen.

Not only is Marci a busy mother of three, but she’s also the woman behind the delectable website myheavenlyrecipes.com. With parenting comes a knack for satisfying many preferences, and her collection of 15 tasty finger food recipes is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Evi loves all things food and adventure, as one will quickly discover by checking out her blog, Evseats.com. She’s particularly obsessed with poke bowls and gives a rundown of everything you need to know to create your own at home.

Nobody loves coffee like Chermelle Edwards loves coffee. Better known as The Coffeetographer, Chermelle lives and breathes coffee culture. This love makes her the perfect resource if you’ve ever wondered how to cold brew coffee.

If paying extra for guac requires no contemplation at all, Andrew Hickey might be your new favorite person. A dad of two and a marketing guru from New Jersey, Andrew’s collection of guacamole recipes might save you a buck or two.

Who knew you could do so many things with a watermelon? Oh, that’s right- Jennifer Fisher did. The healthy chef and blogger behind The Fit Fork shares a wide variety of recipes that all have one tasty ingredient in common.

There are few things worse than a bad chocolate chip cookie. That’s exactly why Betsy Eves, the mastermind behind the JavaCupcake blog, created a resource on how to master this bakery favorite.

Gluten-free? Not to worry. Plant-loving yoga teacher Danielle has got you covered. Her resource suits a gluten-free diet without sacrificing flavor.

Sarah Jane Parker, the blogger behind The Fit Cookie, believes that nothing should hold you back from a delicious meal- not even special diets or allergies. Desserts are no exception! Explore her curation of desserts for special diets here.

Adam created The Joy of Blending, a blog that features original recipes and tips specifically for high-performance blenders. For delicious and easy blended bevs, look no further than this guide.

Aparna works to popularize and share her rich Indian traditions through food with her blog, hindustanisakhisaheli.com. In An Introduction to Indian Recipes, anyone can start creating their own delicious dishes with an easy to follow guide.

Need to make a tasty meal fast? James Hills, the blogger behind Mantripping.com, swears by the InstantPot. Easy to use and with minimal cleanup, it’s the perfect solution for busy people who love to cook but hate to clean!

The bilingual blogger behind Mama Latina Tips, Silvia, is an expert on all things food, parenting, fashion, money, and travel. She’s particularly well-versed in the art of Mexican food. Spoil your friends and family with her expertly curated collection of Mexican recipes.

Milisa, better known as Miss in the Kitchen, is a busy wife and mother of three living on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma. Cooking is her passion, and she knows a thing or two about the most versatile meat out there- chicken. Discover all the ways you can mix this protein-packed ingredient into your meals.

Spring, Winter, Summer, or Fall, Chef Martin has covered it all. As a professional chef, food writer, blogger, culinary journalist, and TV personality, he stands to teach everyone a thing or two about whipping up a seasonal holiday recipe. Discover his collection of family gathering favorites here.

Food Network champion and award-winning recipe creator Bobby Parrish absolutely slays on his FlavCity YouTube channel. For all of the veggie lovers out there, he has curated 16 quick and easy vegetarian recipes that are packed with flavor.