Front-End Web App Developer

The Job

Bublup is hiring front-end web app developers to create state of the art interfaces for large-scale and highly interactive applications. Candidates should have experience implementing complex application behavior using Javascript and jQuery. Our projects are ground-breaking in terms of how users will interact with data and each other. We are looking for people who love to write code, but also have a great imagination. Starting bonuses available for top candidates!

Skill Areas

Our team has a mix of skill areas and we are hiring a range of experience levels for various positions. Therefore, we are not hung up on an exact skill list or a specific number of years of experience. We want talented people who have experience with various technologies for front-end development, and who adapt to whatever the right architecture, languages, and libraries are to build the best total system and deliver the best user experience.

Some important skill areas:

  • Angular or other SPA frameworks
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • Cross-browser development
  • User experience (UX/UXD) concepts

Approach to Software Engineering

In a nutshell, we are looking for great software engineers. To us that means:

  • Smart people who write elegant and efficient code, with an understanding of the stack they are operating in.
  • Engineers who understand the principles of clean, scalable, and reusable software.
  • Creative developers who attack hard problems head-on and think outside the box.

About Bublup Technologies, Inc.

Bublup is one of the best kept tech secrets in the DC area! We are a well-funded and highly driven startup that is pioneering simple but powerful ways for people to get way more out of the web, from discovering better information, to sharing it in novel ways. The market bublup will serve is vast and the need is significant, so we have an extremely exciting opportunity ahead of us! We are confident you will see that what we are doing is visionary and exciting.

We are in early startup stages, so this is a fantastic opportunity to join as an early employee. Our company is led by technologists with experience as engineers and architects. We recognize the value brought to the table by great engineers. We offer great compensation and benefits. We are still in stealth mode, so contact us if you want to know more.

Our Hiring and Employment Philosophy

  • Hire the best people.
  • Give them a meaningful role.
  • Challenge them.
  • Take fantastic care of them in all areas: growth, compensation, and benefits.
  • Provide a stable environment. We don’t have continual re-orgs. We have a clear and consistent plan.
  • A fun and inviting work environment.
  • Communication across the company. You will be part of something exciting and we like to share the exciting developments with the whole team.
  • Listen to our employees. Having a lot of smart people around means that great ideas abound. We want to hear your ideas.
  • Managers who are technically deep and understand what you are saying to them.

Apply Now

If you don't see any openings that match your interests and experience, please submit your resume and let us know how you'd like to make a difference at Bublup.

Current Openings at Bublup

Bublup is hiring developers to create state of the art, highly interactive applications. Our projects are ground-breaking in terms of how users will interact with data and each other. We are looking for people who love to write code, but also have a great imagination.

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